introductions from Florida

Jeff Hogan



My name is Jeff and I am writing from a city in Florida named Apopka.  We bought the Explore Scientific Telescope (iexs-100) along with the PMC-Eight mount.

I have been trying for about four days to align it to Polaris without luck and I place 90% of the blame on me.  This is a pretty heavy system and it’s not one we can leave outside so I’m not quite understanding why this appears to be so complicated to setup to use.

98% of my issue is with getting it aligned to Polaris.   The other 90% of my issue is not even knowing accurately where Magnetic North is where I’m located.   I’ve downloaded about every app I can find and using my old army compass.  The digital apps (on the tablet and phone) north seems to move based on where I happen to stand. 

I also understand the handheld compass is going to find true north and not magnetic north which the mount appears to need. 

I’m just hoping to have someone educate me on how to accurately align my telescope (even on a cloudy night) to function.  We really want to see Jupiter and Saturn tomorrow night.





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