Re: introductions from Florida

Wes Mcdonald

The clutches hold the mount axes tight to the rotating parts driven by the motors.  In the iexos these are the silver knobs one at the back of the mount head along the ra axis and one at the top of the weight bar.  When these are tight the mount won’t move except for the motors moving them.  When you loosen them you can swing the mint around by hand.  

One you are aligned you must never release the clutches when using the pmc8.  If you do the computer  will not j ow where the mount is.

Start the pmc8 with the mount pointing at the north celestial pole.  This is polar home. Before starting make sure the clutches are tight.  The. Use explorestars to move the mount.  Never release the clutches until you are done or ready to start over from a new cold boot.


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