Request Information about your PMC-Eight system and support rendered


Dear Explore Scientific PMC-Eight Yahoo Group Member,

I would like to request that you send me your status in terms of PMC-Eight equipment owned and registration. If you could send me the following information for my records it will help me to keep track of those customers that I have interacted with directly and those that have not been in contact with me.  I appreciate anything you wish to provide in this regard.  I would like the following:

PMC-Eight System Customer or Prospective Customer? Owner/Prospective

PMC-Eight System Owned? G11/EXOS2/NONE

Date PMC-Eight System Purchased: Month/Year

PMC-Eight System Serial Number: XXXXX

Did you register your PMC-Eight System on our website?

Have you talked directly to me on the phone? Yes/No

Have I connected to your computer via TeamViewer? Yes/No

Have you contacted Explore Scientific Customer Service? Yes/No

Describe in one sentence the issue you had when you contacted me for help

I appreciate your time in filling this request, this will help me a lot in keeping everyone straight in my mind, and update my records for future. Please send this information to my work email: jrh@.... 

Don't respond to the Yahoo Group unless you want to make your information publicly available.


Jerry Hubbell

Director Electrical Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.

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