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Can't speak to your iExos-100 problem specifically (cos' I don't have one), but as to WD-40 as a gear lube...  It's good for lots of things (just like duct tape), but a grease substitute it's not.  Heck, I use it to clean the grease OFF my gears when I'm servicing my mount.

Here's the thing.  Worm gears tend to wipe the grease off their teeth as they work.  You want something sticky enough to resist that over time.  I think my mount came with a lithium grease on its worm.  I replaced that with LiquiMoly + MnS02 (basically, ball joint grease).  Messy, but tenacious.  Some here like Superlube + Teflon.  Other candidates as well.  Lots of vigorous debate on what's best for a grease, but I think we'd all agree that WD-40 is not a good choice for that application.


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Got a used iEXOS-100 and was finally able to diagnose my issue: it seems that the RA motor, in particular, is struggling to move the mount. When connected to the app and tracking, the motors can be heard "chugging" as if they are struggling. The explorestars app shows that when tracking, the RA axis just flips back and forth one arc second at a time rapidly (38, 39, 38, 39, etc), leading me to believe the motor is not putting out enough torque to turn the axis. When I attempt to slew at a high speed, and motor sounds like it is struggling, making a bad racket, but is able to rotate the axis. Seems like it's just facing more friction than it is expecting, perhaps? I've tried adjusting the backlash at three levels (tight, loose, medium) but it seems not to have an effect. Maybe I need to relubricate the RA gear teeth? Is WD-40 recommended, or something else? I'd like to not experiment much more until I know a fix, as I am worried about damaging the motor. Any advice is welcome.



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