Re: iEXOS-100 RA axis motor struggles, doesn't track #iEXOS-100 #goto #tracking

Joe Izen

Adding my voice to the chorus about the criticality of balance.  An 80 mm refractor + iExos100 is my littlest. I thought that because it is so little, the motor would overpower minute weight imbalances.  Not so.  A 2” diagonal+2” wide field eyepiece is a substantial fraction of the weight of the scope. Ditto a reducer/corrector+a DSLR.  I find I have to focus and then balance, because the act of focusing can disturb   the balance badly enough to upset the drive motors.  Of my 4 telescopes (6” newt, 127mm refractor, C14) the 80mm refractor on the iExos100 is the monest finciky about balance. I wouldn’t have thunk it.

On Dec 29, 2020, at 4:45 PM, Robert Hoskin via <devonshire@...> wrote:

This was specifically about what you should expect when turning the gears by hand, during adjustment - and that illustrating one of the reasons why balance is important during a session (whether using Explorestars or anything else to control the mount).  The worm doesn't know or care what the control program is... 

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