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Mirko Gude

Hi Paul,

your second question: I have an iEXOS 100 and an Exos2-PMC8. The iEXOS needs one more step (switching from UDP to TCP). For me it works with CoolTerm for both mounts… I tried it with my Mac and from a Raspberry Pi.

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Am 29.12.2020 um 19:03 schrieb Paul Mogg <pdmogg@...>:

Hi Everyone,

First just a big thank you to all he experts here for helping beginners such as myself get started. It would be so much harder without you!


Ok, so since I last posted on this thread I have got more into Kstars / EKOS on the Mac and think it’s bees knees, everything you could want rolled into one package it seems, and the Plate Solving is so cool!. I’m now getting started with Guiding, bought a guide camera and scope and a better DSLR that can do more than 30sec shots. So a couple of questions on guiding:


1. I’ve been able to get rough guiding going using PHD2 and the ST-4 cable, but the guiding graph seems all over the place, and I’ve since read that Pulse guiding over serial cable is the better way to go. 


So, can you do Pulse guiding via the WIFI connection to the PMC-Eight box? Or does it have to be via the special Serial cable ( USB—>DB9 )?  


2. In this thread Mirko kindly posted instructions for switching the IEXOS 100 to Serial mode via OSX Terminal instructions, and then using CoolTerm to switch back when needed, if I understand correctly.


So do these instructions also apply to the EXOS-2 PMC-Eight mount? 


I bought a USB—>DB9 FTDI cable and managed to successfully Flash it using FT_Prog (under Parallels / WIndows 10) as per the instructions on this forum, but don’t want to risk trying it out till I know for sure.


I have an Exos-2 PMC-Eight mount, NOT an IEXOS-100.


Thank you!


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