Connecting PMC-Eight to ZWO ASIAIR Pro

Dino Monaco


So I’ve ordered the EXOS2 w the PMC Eight system. Backordered at the moment.
In the meantime, I was thinking of interfacing the ASIAIR Pro device to exploit full functionality of both systems; i.e. automated wireless mount driver of the PMC 8, & the camera + plate solving capabilities of the ASIAIR devices.
Question: how do I set this up?
I’ve noticed that the ASIAIR Application has a selection for explore scientific EXos2 in its telescope control setup menu.
I’m assuming I need to attach a DB9-USB cable from the device to the PMC8.
But I’m also assuming it won’t be just a plug & play situation.

Thanks for your help in advance 🙏

Dino Monaco

Dino Monaco

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