locked Connecting EXOS 2 PMC 8 to ASIair Pro #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


I emailed Bresser with this question earlier but they didn't know the answer & directed to ask here. 
Although I should have checked before I bought it      (I can still get a refund as I only have it on pre order) I was looking at ways to control my whole Astrophotography set up with my ES EXOS II PMC 8 mount and the ASIair Pro control box seemed perfect. 
But when I looked into how they both connect to each other & after countless searches on line all I could find was that I'd need a cable with an FTDI Chipset but that the chipset would need to be reprogrammed.
Unfortunately I'm not particularly technically minded & havnt a clue what an FTDI chipset is never mind how to reprogramme one.
I'd be very grateful if someone has any info on this or can at least point me in the right direction.
Better still would be an idiots guide to connecting them both 😬

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