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Hi clchev,

Here are the instructions from the main download webpage here:

Make sure you unzip the database file into your windows account Pictures directory as shown below.

alt Click Here to get the Celestial Database for Windows 10

Loading the 2 different software packages is really simple. First, download the ExploreStars App by clicking the link above and install it on your Windows based PC or tablet. Then download the Celestial Database by clicking the link above and after the download is complete, unzip that file. You will find a folder called ExploreStarsComplete and drag that folder into your "Pictures" folder on your Windows based PC or tablet. Launch the ExploreStars App on your device and give the device a minute or two to upload the Celestial Database. The tablet may say Data Missing. If that occurs, click the "AppBar" button and select the "Load Extra Stars" button. Wait a minute or two (or restart the software) and the tablet should be good to go.

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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