Connection Issue #EXOS2 #pmc-eight

Al Parise

Hey Gang

I am having a connection issue with exos2-pmc8
been able to fix other issues with info from this board
but no luck this time

All year I have had no connecting issues
win10 laptop - ascom-stellarium-apt-phd2, using prolific usb-serial connection

last working connection was last week 12/29, got a few hours in
then setup and tried on new years eve, 12/31, and nothing, would not connect
nothing changed in setup or hw/sw from night to night
been trying to trouble shoot this now since then with no luck

went thru the usual settings/drivers/device manger/bios
reinstalled all the sw/drivers
rummaged thru the message board here for ideas
bot new usb-serial cable with ftdi chip, no go

the ascom device hub does give me an error when trying to connect
- access to com port denied - nothing on google search really pops out as a fix

the pmc8 box led 6 power, and led 2 wifi mod power are both flashing
not sure if that means something but I'm all out of ideas


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