Re: Connection Issue #EXOS2 #pmc-eight

Wes Mcdonald


Comm port denied means there is another app attached to the comm port.  Ascom cannot get to it.  Sounds like a windows issue

Why don’t you start from scratch and using the configuration manager give us a step by step you are trying to use and tell us where you break

Also before you do any of that, go in the windows device manager with the usb to serial plugged into the computer and see what it says about the usb connection.  It will give you a comm port number under the usb devices I think.   Look around for it if it isn’t there.  If the computer is seeing it you will find it.  And you can check the driver for the device.  Ain’t much help but it’s something

Also, see can you do a refresh of comm ports using the refresh button in the cm.   See if the port shows up.  Also connect the serial up to the pmc8, go to the advanced tab of the cm.  Assuming you have the cm set to the comm port on which the pmc8 is.  Then turn on the radio button for serial and try sending an ESGv!.    Sometimes even when the cm cannot find it connect to the mount it can do that.

If that fails, load the parallax serial terminal from parallax web site.  Open it and see if you Can connect to the pmc8.  If it sees the comm port.  Make sure you set the baud rate to 115200.   Then you can manually enter the ESGv! Command and should see a reply in the terminal window.  This is a direct connection method and obviates a lot of stuff in the Cm that sometimes causes it not to work.

Also you can try using the cm and the advanced tab to send ESGv in tcp and udp if the Windows PC has joined the pmc8 network.  Maybe you got switched over to WiFi by accident

Need more input from you to help really 


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