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Dino Monaco

Sorry I just joined the group and late to what you have already tried.
A curious question: if you remove the belt completely so that you can isolate only the motor,  
Then activate the RA do you still hear the sound?
If yes then motor is perhaps the issue.
If no, then try like you said and realign the worm not too tightly. 
Is the sound happening under full payload with all gear attached only?.
How about without the payload.
My apologies if you have already tried these simple checks

On Jan 10, 2021, at 3:22 PM, Rix Yarbrough <yarbroughrix@...> wrote:

Just to update- still have not resolved my problem. I have adjusted backlash and balance to hell and back but no luck at all. Here is a video of the problem, which I hope will help someone identify it exactly. 
As you can (sort of) see; the RA motor is only able to chug the gear forward bit by bit, making an awful sound in the process. The payload is balanced in my opinion perfectly, but to be sure I have also tried moving the CW’s back and forth both tiny and large amounts, but in the very best circumstances the motion only becomes a slight bit more constant. Still it chugs and the noise continues. It is possible that I have messed something up in the gear adjustment process- I sometimes get side/side movement of the worm shaft which according to the tutorial aforementioned is solved by tightening a screw in the right block. However, my screw feels completely impossible to move, so my solution has been to loosen the blocks holding in both ends of the worm gear shaft, move them to one side, and tighten them again- which seems to fix the problem. I say seems because although the back/forth motion goes away, it *could* create some directional strain or make the gear meet the belt at a bad angle, but I have really no idea. The gear doesn't feel too tight to turn, so I sort of doubt it.
So what the actual hell is going on here? Open to crackpot theories, although I’m hoping the answer is simple and obvious to someone more knowledgeable than myself. 


On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 16:28 yarbroughrix via <> wrote:

Got a used iEXOS-100 and was finally able to diagnose my issue: it seems that the RA motor, in particular, is struggling to move the mount. When connected to the app and tracking, the motors can be heard "chugging" as if they are struggling. The explorestars app shows that when tracking, the RA axis just flips back and forth one arc second at a time rapidly (38, 39, 38, 39, etc), leading me to believe the motor is not putting out enough torque to turn the axis. When I attempt to slew at a high speed, and motor sounds like it is struggling, making a bad racket, but is able to rotate the axis. Seems like it's just facing more friction than it is expecting, perhaps? I've tried adjusting the backlash at three levels (tight, loose, medium) but it seems not to have an effect. Maybe I need to relubricate the RA gear teeth? Is WD-40 recommended, or something else? I'd like to not experiment much more until I know a fix, as I am worried about damaging the motor. Any advice is welcome.



Dino Monaco

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