Re: Astrophotography Done with the iEXOS-100, EXOS 2, and G11 Post your Pictures and Details! Lets Show What These Mounts Can Do. #iEXOS-100 #G11 #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Parag Modi

My first DSO with iEXOS-100 and just a DSLR unguided.  Stack of 55 images 60 sec at 500 ISO and f/8.  Very happy with this little mount! 

Thank you for this forum members for providing guidance to a total newbie like me.

Another Newbie question though.  I was planning on 75 frames using APT and mount connected to POTH hub and using APT dithering.  However after 55 images when M42 got to meridian, rest of the images did not track M42 but were to the left of the meridian.  Any advice?

Thank you,

Parag Modi

Mounts: ES iEXOS-100
Scopes: APS-C Sigma 18-300 mm
Cameras:  Nikon D7200 (Unmodified)
Misc: Bahtinov Mask, K&F Concept Clear night filter
Software: ExploreStars, Stellarium, APT

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