3-4" RA wiggling while PHD2 guiding with EXOS2-GT PMC-eight #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Walter Vinci

Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new to the hobby, jus went out a few times with my EXOS2-GT PMC-eight. My first struggle with this mount was a ~ 3-4" wiggling in RA I could not get rid of. RA basically kept jumping up and down by about that much every few seconds, with and without DEC guiding. Can seeing be so bad to cause that much error? Or is it more likely a mechanical problem with the worm gear? I have attached the PHD2 logs, hopefully it gives some hints and you can help me learn how to diagnose the logs (the logs contain multiple calibration and guiding sections, probably best to have a look at the latest data).

Thank for the help,

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