Re: 3-4" RA wiggling while PHD2 guiding with EXOS2-GT PMC-eight #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Walter Vinci

Thank you all for your help,

I will try switch guiding from my guide scope (162 mm) to my imaging scope (480) and see if guiding improves next time I have clear skies. That will give my a pixel scale of about 2.2 arc-seconds.


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Hey Doug,

The formula is:
pixel size (microns) x 206.3 /focal length in mm = image scale in arcsec/pixel

206.3 results out of:
3.6 * (180 degrees / pi) = 3600/1000 * (180 degrees / pi) = 206.26

Doug Doonan via <> schrieb am Do., 14. Jan. 2021, 19:09:
Where does the 206.3 in your formula come from, and what are its units?

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Hi Walter,

Yes, I would suggest a 2x Barlow or tele-extender instead of a 3x. The formula for pixel or plate scale is:

Pixel Scale = (Pixel Size x 206.3) / FL, So for your combination: Pixel Scale = (5.2 um x 206.3) / 162 mm = 6.6 arc-seconds/pixel

BTW,  your calibrations look spot on, no problem there,
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Clear skies,


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