Another newbie question on alignment

Parag Modi


I have a question on how the multi-point alignment transformation is stored.  My setup includes iEXOS-100, POTH hub with ES driver selected and APT.  I'm using just a plain Nikon D7200 with a Sigma 18-300mm lens and no guiding.  I found a cool script in APT that automates a four point alignment.  Basically it moves my camera to four equal points in AZ/ALT, does a platesolve and sync.  I tried that the other night and it seemed to have worked good since my subsequent GoTo moves were pretty close.  My questions are:
1) Where is the alignment information stored and used?  iEXOS firmware?  POTH hub? or APT?
2) Is there a way to view and save this alignment information in between the sessions (over days) if my mount hasn't moved?

Parag Modi

Mounts: ES iEXOS-100
Scopes: APS-C Sigma 18-300 mm
Cameras:  Nikon D7200 (Unmodified)
Misc: Bahtinov Mask, K&F Concept Clear night filter
Software: ExploreStars, Stellarium, APT

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