Re: Another newbie question on alignment

Wes Mcdonald


There is no storage of alignment information when using ASCOM, as the driver does not modify pointing based on any model.  When you do a plate solve, the exact position of the field of view is determined.  Using this information an application such as APT (NINA does this also, as would any other app) can determine the error in poiniting.  It then moves the mount the required amount to achieve the actual desired pointing position.  By syncing the mount while at the correct poiniting position the mount immediately knows its correct celestial location relative to its motor counts.  If the mount is pretty well polar aligned this is all it needs to make good goto moves thereafter.   If the mount polar alignment is not good, the gotos will become worse as you move the mount further away from the place where the sync was performed.  However if you do a plate solve at the new location the desired target will soon be centered.

Congratulations!  Plate solving is one of those magic bullets that makes life good!  Add auto focus and you will wonder what all the fuss about astrop[hotography was ever about!


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