Re: How to get Iexos 100 to work with Stellarium #iEXOS-100


I can connect my iexos-100 to Device Hub with Ascom 6.5 but when I try to connect Stellarium through device hub, it connects but doesn't slew. I have been told that it is a bug in the newest version of Stellarium when using the newsest version of the Ascom Platform. I can imagine this being true because if I use Cartes du Ciel, it all works perfectly. Although the new version of Stellarium says that you don't need Stellariumscope, I too was told that it would work. I tried it and it did. So, there are two work arounds, either use Cartes du Ciel or add in Stellariumscope and you get the same sort of thing. In the meantime, the simplicity of Explorestars is growing on me.

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