Re: Exos II Mount cannot connect after running pmc8.exe #EXOS2

Harry J Jr

Hi Dino, I used the Exos II on an IPad so my first version of Explore Stars was the IOS version; if using a PC then you can download the Windows version and the corresponding database. ExploreStars is only used with a WiFi connection to PMC8; but in my mind it was a good starting point to get to know the mount. The ASIAIR didn’t even exist when I got started. Of course to switch to serial mode you will need an FDTI usb/serial cable, and a windows PC to run the ES configuration manager (CM). CM is available at ES website. For the process to use the exos II with asiair there is a PDF guidance document in the files section at this web site (attached) however using that with the recommended software to switch to serial on the PMC8 caused me issues, so I used the CM instead, after installing the windows driver from parallax for the FDTI serial cable (following guidance from Wes). Then you will need another windows program to invert the FDTI serial cable RS232 signal, which is mentioned in the guidance document I previously referenced (attached). Also you may need to update pmc8 firmware, which is done through the CM. In any event I suggest using ExploreStars over the PMC8 wifi with your new mount initially for some visual observing just to get started. There is an asiair pro users group on Facebook that I suggest you join once you start using the asiair, which I soon hope to use on a regular basis! Good luck, just stick with it! Harry

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