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This is re: DEC guiding?

I touch on this a bit in my tuning doc.  About the best you can do for DEC balance is a bit of camera-heavy bias with a refractor, but that DEC motor on the side will still skew things.  Just as with RA, a bit of DEC weight bias appears to do no harm, and perhaps some good - so no worries.

Basically, less appears to be more where DEC guiding is concerned.  Some folks don't guide DEC at all.  I'm not there, but I have cut my DEC sensitivity back a lot on PHD2.  There was a really interesting thread some time ago about mechanical movement from guide corrections in one axis triggering guide corrections in the other one.  The pattern shows up in a guide graph - one axis corrects and then the other gets busy as well.  They can go back and forth for quite a while.  I had seen that behavior on mine, and reducing DEC sensitivity helped that for me, without doing any measurable harm to my images.


- Bob

On Sat, Feb 6, 2021, at 10:56, charles mckowen wrote:
I was wondering if anyone knew how to improve movement in the dec. It doesn’t seem smooth and hard to balance. There’s also a slight Hang up when you rotate. Which I think is normal from the design. If anyone can help me out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks 
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