Re: iExos 100 disconecting from wifi #iEXOS-100

Steve Siedentop

The Windows 10 feature is called Selective Suspend and it’s a power management feature designed to extend battery life.

Check out this article to see how to disable it.


On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 10:32 AM Robert Hoskin <devonshire@...> wrote:

So... intermittent problem, can happen with either POTH or Device Hub?

You don't say what you're using for a mount computer, but I assume that it's a laptop and probably either Win10 or Win7...

Windows might be cutting power to your USB port, thinking that it's idle - when it's not.  I've no idea how it decides that a port is 'idle', but It's not unusual for people to have to turn that power management feature off, so Windows apparently has its own ideas about that.  

Anyway.... I'd suggest that you check your Windows power settings, probably 'advanced', and check to see if USB 'selective suspend' is enabled.  If it is, disable it and see if that helps.

On Sun, Feb 7, 2021, at 05:30, Luiz Sanches via wrote:
The problem continues: connected via serial, I can have a entire night without any disconnection with the mount, or, in other night, lose the connection so many times that make impossible to use the mount.

Some news: run as administrator don't solve. 
Some times the mount is disconnected, but the green light is on. I can only click in the disconnect and connect again in the device hub. Most of the times I need to finish the device hub in task manager.
On nights that I am not photographing, I am only collimating the telescope and I am using only one application, like Apt, the mount never disconnects. Is the windows losing focus and disconnecting the mount drivers when I change one program to other? I use at same time Apt, phd2, stellarium and others plat solvers. 

I use always serial, to avoid wifi problems. I use any drivers from scientific explorer and the last firmware in the mount. I only use device hub, not POTH because when the mount disconnect, POTH sometimes can't be finished in the task manager.

Thank you.

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