Re: Meridian Flip #EXOS2 #ASCOM

Parag Modi

I was doing an imaging session last night and experienced an automatic meridian flip.  I was using APT, ASCOM with my iEXOS-100 and a Nikon D7200.  I did not have APT configured for automatic meridian flip, however I was using APT dithering on every two frames for up to 10 pixel random moves.  I am using POTH Hub with PMC-8 ASCOM driver.  Here's the sequence of events:  As my target got to meridian, on the next subsequent dither the mount automatically flipped.  Fortunately I was nearby.  After the flip, I could not locate my target in my FOV so I stopped he imaging session, waited about 20 minutes and re-centered my target using APT/Platesolve before resuming my imaging session.

Any idea what could have forced a meridian flip?  In the ASCOM setup, under coordinate management dialog I see settings for GEM Flip delay which I had set to default to 0.  Could that be the explanation?

All in all my session went well, but I would have preferred to continue imaging since there is very little chance of me running into the tripod due to my small setup.

Thank you,

Parag Modi

Mounts: ES iEXOS-100
Scopes: APS-C Sigma 18-300 mm
Cameras:  Nikon D7200 (Unmodified)
Misc: Bahtinov Mask, K&F Concept Clear night filter
Software: ExploreStars, Stellarium

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