Re: #iEXOS-100 in Stellarium always complaining about the mount being parked #iEXOS-100

Doug Doonan

Hi you guys,

I have my stuff connected through the new ASCOM ie no more POTH.
I started my mount this AM  to check it out, and it performed flawlessly using CDC.
It would go any where, and at the end I could park it and it came right back where it started, at park.

Doug Doonan

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I run Stellarium all the time with POTH.  So this morning I decided to try it out as per this thread.  WEll it would connect and show me the mount position, but it would not move the mount.  PArked or unparked etc.

So I booted NINA.  Imported Stellarium coordinates and went to the object.  Great.  After that Stellarium was fine!

Can't say what the heck is going on.  We should probably move this thread over to Applications Sub group and continue.

Wes, Southport NC
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Doug Doonan
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