EXOS2 working few seconds PMC-8 not responding #EXOS2 #pmc-eight

Peter Danek

I'm a happy new owner of the EXOS2 PMC-8 mount but I was not able to use it since I received it. I was trying to get it to work reading all the topics here but I have not found the solution for my problem.
The issue is simple: 
Tried on PC WIN 10, Laptop WIN 10, Nextbook WIN 8.1, and android tablet. I have also Macbook Pro and Mac Pro but I don't see the point of trying it there.
1. I can connect to the PMC wifi, and control the mount by ExploreStars for few seconds, then it is not responding. 
2. Same issue with the SERIAL connection. I'm able to connect to a serial(FTDI) for a few seconds after the start. Same with ASCOM. But after the initial connection ASCOM/PMC CM tool the connection is lost.
After that, the PMC CM is reporting NONE connection to the mount. Sending any command over SERIAL or TCP is returning only *HELLO*
The strange thing is that I can connect to the mount for a brief few seconds ONLY after I unplug the power for a few minutes(20-30). After the connection is lost and the mount is not responding I can't just restart the PMC and try it again, I have to wait(to cool it down?).
I was also able to flash the EEPROM but it didn't help.
I'm using the supplied power supply and I noticed that the leds are sometimes dimming slightly. like a power issue. I have tried another power supply with the same specs but the issue is the same.
Can anyone suggest what should I try next?
Thank you 

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