Re: EXOS2 working few seconds PMC-8 not responding #EXOS2 #pmc-eight

Peter Danek

Hi Wes,

I have some experience, I was a IT technician for a "fruit" company few years ago so I think I can do it. 

I understand the whole process of setting the parameters, I was doing that when it happens. I did factory reset and then setting parameters when I lost connection and after reboot there was no SSID to find anymore. 

What I don't understand is:

1. Pull the test point TP_IO9 ? Like pull it UP? Or connect it by alligator to TP_GND?
2. Where is the reset test point?

I was reading your posts but you never said exactly how to do it, if you don't want to post it here just send me an email.

some informations here that I have been reading:

Jerry was talking about it here:,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,alligator,20,2,0,28835885

Almost same issue like mine:

I'm also confused of the behavior of the serial port. 

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