Unable to connect wifi or serial to Windows 10 laptop



I have been using/learning the ES EXOS2 PMC-8 with my Ipad Mini since June for visual use. My setup is working great with the IPAD Mini However, I just purchased a new Dell XPS 9300 with Windows 10 home edition to operate the EXOS2 PMC-8 for astrophotography. I am unable to connect my laptop to the mount via WIFI or USB FTDI chipset Serial cable. I have downloaded the CM, disabled my firewall, and enabled the port. 64 bit PMC8 drivers are installed and FTDI chipset drivers are installed. I cannot connect via Configuration Manager. The CM shows that I am connected to the PMC8 WIFI network but connection shows "unknown' or "none" and will not communicate with the mount when I check for connection or press "do it."  I have the EXOS2 mount is selected in the CM.  When I try to connect via wired connection, it brings up com3 port but again will not connect to the mount when I select "do it" Any thoughts?

Dallin McLaws
Vail, AZ
Scopes: Omegon 110 F6 FPL-53 ED APO CF
Cameras:  Nikon D850
Operating System: Dell XPS Windows10 / Ipad Mini
Software: ExploreStars

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