Re: Unable to connect wifi or serial to Windows 10 laptop

Andrew Houseman

there is a bug in Win 10 causing an incompatibility with out of the box settings.

before connecting to the mount
Right click on the wifi icon from the tray->open network & internet settings
select Wi-Fi then Manage Known Networks
select the PMC8 network
under IP settings, click edit
change to Manual
IPv4 On
IP address
Subnet Prefex Length 24
Preferred DNS
Alternate DNS
IPv7 Off

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 2:39 PM Dallin <Vaught427@...> wrote:

I have been using/learning the ES EXOS2 PMC-8 with my Ipad Mini since June for visual use. My setup is working great with the IPAD Mini However, I just purchased a new Dell XPS 9300 with Windows 10 home edition to operate the EXOS2 PMC-8 for astrophotography. I am unable to connect my laptop to the mount via WIFI or USB FTDI chipset Serial cable. I have downloaded the CM, disabled my firewall, and enabled the port. 64 bit PMC8 drivers are installed and FTDI chipset drivers are installed. I cannot connect via Configuration Manager. The CM shows that I am connected to the PMC8 WIFI network but connection shows "unknown' or "none" and will not communicate with the mount when I check for connection or press "do it."  I have the EXOS2 mount is selected in the CM.  When I try to connect via wired connection, it brings up com3 port but again will not connect to the mount when I select "do it" Any thoughts?

Dallin McLaws
Vail, AZ
Scopes: Omegon 110 F6 FPL-53 ED APO CF
Cameras:  Nikon D850
Operating System: Dell XPS Windows10 / Ipad Mini
Software: ExploreStars

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