Re: Polar Alignment Scope - EXOS2-GT PMC-Eight


Found a simpler method for anyone struggling, this is still not going to be as accurate as plate solving with Sharpcap, Polemaster or iPolar but it should get you close enough thanks to Jeffrey but with a little added for us novices


If you're struggling to see Kochab (which could be easy if you're in a Bortle 4/5 + zone) you can also use an app such as Polefinder for android, I set the reticle in the app to be the same as my Sky Watcher, using that app it will use your GPS location and current time to show where Polaris should be on a circle in the reticle, this circle represents a clock so for example if it shows polaris to be at 3 O'clock then position the 40 60 deg line which has the hole where you place Polaris at 3 O'clock by rotating the RA axis of the mount then simply adjust your Alt and Az mount screws to get Polaris into the hole on the line

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