Re: Unable to connect wifi or serial to Windows 10 laptop

Andrew Houseman

Also, make sure everything is connected BEFORE powering up the PMC8.  If you connect the serial cable to an already powered on mount, it won't do anything.

I also find the main connection page to be cryptic and unhelpful.  Go to the advanced tab.

Under communication method, click TCP then click the "version (ESGv!)" Button. 

The mount should reply with *HELLO*ESXO!.  
Switch to Serial and click version again. It will have no response.

Now click back to TCP and the Wired/Wireless toggle.
Now Version + TCP will respond with just *HELLO* and Version + serial will respond with a long version number.

Provided you got that long version number back, you should now be good to go for serial control

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021, 8:56 PM Dallin <Vaught427@...> wrote:
Hi Doug, when I click on the com port without a serial cable attached the CM doesn't give me any options to select. It is just a blank field. Is there a way to make it say com3?

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