Re: Unable to connect wifi or serial to Windows 10 laptop


Thank you to all who have been trying to help. Ultimately I would like to connect wired via serial and utilize NINA. However, I would like to learn to connect via either. Attached are my PMC8 ASCOM driver settings.

When using the CM with the serial connected I get the COM3 option. When I push "find" it says that "PMC8 is connected via com port - this does not mean you mount is connected via serial"

When I push "do it" the CM says  "the mount does not appear to be connected. Please check you settings and network connection.

Under the advanced tab with TPC selected I push ESGv and get the following error "unable to send command"

Under the advanced tab with serial selected I push ESGv and the message box says "received" but the mount connection method remains at "NONE"

attached are screenshots of each step and error/message.

Dallin McLaws
Vail, AZ
Scopes: Omegon 110 F6 FPL-53 ED APO CF
Cameras:  Nikon D850
Operating System: Dell XPS Windows10 / Ipad Mini
Software: ExploreStars

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