Re: Unable to connect wifi or serial to Windows 10 laptop


Hi Dallin,

in case you want to connect via serial, you first have to change the connection mode on the pmc eight. Therefore you first have to successfully connect via wifi. Connect the serial cable on pmc eight and computer and check the com-port settings:

1) First you should check your com-port settings in the device manager of your computer. Make sure the Baut rate is at 115200 Bits per second or higher. I have mine set to 128000 bits per second and it works fine

2) Set your ascom driver settings to "enable wifi"
3) connect to the pmc-eight wifi
4) open the Explore Scientific Configuration manager. Like in your case the "current wifi network Pmc-eight-xx" should show up green
5) go on the "connection" tab and klick "Do it" at Find current connection mode
6) if successful the software should tell you something like "Mount appears to be connected on TCP"
7) click on "Do it" next to Via Ascom serial --> now your pmc eight is ready for a connection via serial

8) open the ascom driver settings and enable "serial connection"

9) try to connect in ascom. It should work now

If one of the steps dont work imediately, try to reboot computer and/or the pmc eight and continue. Let me know if it works. Once it is setup to serial its a very stable connection.



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