locked Re: Connecting EXOS 2 PMC 8 to ASIair Pro #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL

Wes Mcdonald


You have too k ow if you have a usb to serial converter cable.

1.  Do not plug it into the pmc8
2. Plug it into a pc
3.  Open the device manager.  See if it is listed there as a comm port or usb to serial. If not it is not a converter or you have not loaded a driver for it.  Check for that

I bought a great cable for 15$ so it is not impossible that your 12$ cable is an ftdi cable. But you should be able to tell as it will need to have a back shell over the DB9 connector inside of which is the chipset. Many have an led that lights when the thing is plugged into the computer.


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