locked Re: Connecting EXOS 2 PMC 8 to ASIair Pro #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


Hi Wes,

thanks for the quick response.

The trouble is I am a Mac user, and windows is just so complicated, I have spent hours trying to get to the bottom of this, why cant the PMC8 just have a USB connection?
I have done as you asked and under device manager I have PORTS (COM & LPT) followed by Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port (COM4) is this correct?

I have checked for updates and Windows tells me I have the best driver, however the FTDI programmer cannot find the chipset (if there is one) when I do a scan under devices.
This cable works fine for connecting to ascom (Poth) and driving the scope around via CDC

This is doing my head in as I have read all the info on this forum in preparation to make sure I was heading in the right direction before I bought the ASIair pro, the guidance and the procedure on the files seems excellent

This hobby has more Cul de Sacs than you can shake a stick at in addition to the amount of money I've thrown at it......small steps I know :)

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