exos 100 #iEXOS-100 setting ascom park to polaris #iEXOS-100


I am new to this so this may be a simple issue and hope someone can help.  I set up ascom with my location I used Sharpcap to polar align and then turned on the mount and connected it to the hub.  I assumed it would default park to the polar alignment.  Went to Stellarium had correct location and time told it to slew to M42 and it pointed somewhere not even close ie. 30 degrees out. I did get the Explorestar to work fine but could not hookup my guide scope etc.  Is there a trick to getting to park set to polar alignment in ascom?  I tried clearing the log, telling to to slew to Polaris and then manually set the mount to home that did not work either.  Got closer but was not correct.  Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
PS I am trying to play at astrophotography, after doing visual observations with a 10 inch dobsonian with an aftermarket goto addition.  Having fun but this is a very difficult hobby learning curve.  Getting the guide scope and camera software for it to work was struggle but that done now just have to get beyond the native software to do longer guided images.  Slow going given the weather, and when it is good my trial and error method results in my laptop running out of gas.  I am guessing there may be others new to this and struggling a bit as well.   

Bear40 New to astronomy

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