Newbies request for help again

Jeff Hogan

We bought my son what I think is a pretty nice system.  Perhaps too nice as I haven’t been able to figure it out despite all the great online tutorials.

I’m ignorant enough that I may not even be able to state all that we have; but, it’s this system



So I know it’s the iexos-100 telescope an the pmc-8 mount and there was supposed to be something with it to help take photos.  

I have been unable to ever align this with Polaris.  I’ve been provided some great directions I’m sure; but, I can’t do it for a couple of reasons.

I live rural and have a cheap phone that doesn’t have a fancy compass on it.  I do have a military style compass…but, I get dyslexic with which North it should face. 


During the daytime I thought I had it all aligned with the scope looking at a distant tree top and was able to get the Moon on the scope; but, at night it’s just frustrating. 

I also don’t even know how to recognize Polaris without the telescope so I’m relying heavily on the directions to be accurate. 

I hate that we have a fairly decent system setting in our barn unused because I can’t ever figure out how to get it aligned.

I’ve downloaded SkyMap and even bought the pro version of Polar Finder Pro but, they all assume a level of competence I clearly lack (at least in regards to this field). 

Ask me about Psychology, Public Health, or medical simulation and I’ll probably bore you with facts.   But, I’m in over my head here and need help.





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-- Hi Jerry, an update regarding sqlite file. I have now managed to download and unzip the database including an old version (I assume) of the sqlite file, but this is dated 2019 and doesn't open the latest database under the ES App!
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