Re: Newbies request for help again

Ian Morison

Hi Jeff,
     The latitude is to adjust the tilt of the polar axis.   Adjust to bring the pointer on the side (above the squiggly orange symbol) to the angle of your latitude  28 degrees.
I guess that you live off Paulette Street.   The attached image shows the difference between magnetic north and true north which will be 6.5 degrees to the right in angle to the direction given by your compass.   Put some tape down to the north of your mount along true north (ie just to the right of your compass direction) and then align the polar axis along this line.
Then, at night, you should be able to spot Polaris if you squint along the polar axis -  and may even be able to see it through the sighting hole.  If you can, you are well aligned for most things.  After dark slew to M42, the Orion nebula, it lies in the sword of Orion as seen in my pic.  I also append the Stellarium view towards the south southwest from your location after dark tonight.  This program is free so do download it!
If this doesn't work, the Moon will be around again soon.

I do hope this helps.

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