Re: Newbies request for help again

James Ball

"I have no issue with everything talking to each other if I tell the telescope that point to Polaris it starts moving and whirring but sometimes it's points straight up in the air."

The scope needs to be pointed towards Polaris before you power on the mount, that is how it knows where it is.  By default the mount thinks it is pointed at Polaris when it boots up, and when the Explorestars App is turned on it will begin at Polaris.  Then you look through the scope and physically adjust the right left and up down to center Polaris in your scope.  (Polaris is not dead center of true north but it is close for beginning)

This is a screenshot of Stellarium showing Polaris (white dot near center) with the Celestial Pole at the center of the blue lines, that would be the exact point of Polar Alignment, you can use Stellarium to see where it is exactly in your location and current time.  Polaris will move around the Pole through the year from our point of view so using Polaris to align the scope you have to know where it is in relation to the Pole for each day and time.

Once you have it close, then you can do the two or three star alignment which will correct for any error you still have.  For best results pickup an eyepiece with an illuminated crosshair when doing the alignments.

As mentioned, Sharpcap Pro will do an even better job of getting the alignment correct but you will need an astro camera inserted in place of the eyepiece, or in a guide scope, I don't think that would work if using a smartphone.

I really enjoy my iEXOS-100 but it took me a lot of reading to figure out just how to set it up.  Good luck and keep asking questions, it is the best way to learn.
James Ball
Dawson Springs, Ky
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