Re: RA Stiction

Steve Siedentop


I think the $7.50 part you’re referring to, CKSW, is the RA clutch knob spring washer, not the larger RA spring washer.

It’s not listed on their website and I had to call and order it.  They were very helpful, had them in stock, and the cost was $10.00 shipped via first class mail.


On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 9:02 PM chris_moses@... [ESPMC-Eight] <ESPMC-Eight@...> wrote:

I have enough stiction in my RA that I have never really trusted my balance 100%.

Then I ran across this:

Turns out, there is an easy fix for it.  It's about $7.50 on Losmandy's site.

Just a tip.

I'm waiting for mine. I'll let you know how it works

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