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Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 02:32 PM, Keith wrote:

Have owned my iexos-100 for 3 years, and beyond Explorestars I have not managed to connect (wifi or serial) with any other software application. And even with Explorestars, I have not managed to successfully polar align with mount. So it’s pretty much has been useless and left me with only my StarWatcher  Star Adventurer for astrophotography. I’m slowly losing interest….


Hi Keith,

It appears that since you just joined the forum recently I am curious if you have even tried to get help with your mount over the past 3 years. How many times have you actually used your PMC-Eight over the past 3 years? That's a long time to "slowly lose interest". 

This forum is not intended to be used to complain about the PMC-Eight system and/or promote other manufacturer's mounts, which your post does. Please see the terms of service for this forum for details..
Is there anything specific we can help you with on your PMC-Eight?
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