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Patrick Maher

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 03:50 PM, Luke wrote:
I agree totally with Jerry that ES  have to move their effort on the Android tablet and other portable platform. As long as you have ASCOM you are all set for windows.  More so now that the soon to be released updated ASCOM driver will have much better specs with improve ease of use. 
Explora stars is better suited to small tablet, quick visual observation,  not for imaging.  There is very good software out there ie "cartes du ciel" only to name one , that works perfectly fine and tracks extremely well using windows base computer.  The use of the ASIAIR, another way to do imaging, is a great match with the PMC8  system. 
I believe you missed my point.  I never said I was using ExploreStars on my Windows devices to do imaging.  That clearly was a wrong assumption by you.  I said that since I already use my Windows devices for ASCOM use, I wanted to continue to use my Windows devices for ExploreStars as well (for when I am just out there doing some observing and keeping things very simple.  Simple observing, such as using ExploreStars, is NOT what I would call the user experience when using ASCOM.  ASCOM has its purpose and that purpose is allowing multiple programs to link to one mount, one driver, which is not a simple observing thing like ExploreStars.  So do not direct me toward ASCOM in place of observing with ExploreStars especially considering ExploreStars is one of the primary reasons I purchased the iEXOS-100 over two years ago.  

There is always room for improvement and growth with any app and ExploreStars (on ALL platforms) is not exempt from that.  If you stagnate in the marketplace, you lose.  If the Windows ExploreStars app stagnates, I will naturally prefer to find a mount that is not being put on the back burner in some respect and I will subsequently look to replace my PMC-8 future expansion plans in my own home observatory.  

For what it's worth, using CDC as an example of "very good software" is not furthering your point either.  I despise CDC.  It is a clunky, old program with an absolutely frustrating user interface as well as an unappealing graphical interface.  Again, my comment was not at all directed toward ASCOM use anyway.  I am all set there with better programs.   My comment was directed toward observing with ExploreStars on Windows tablets.

Why do I insist on using Windows tablets?  I use Windows tablets to keep variables to a minimum.  I use Windows desktops/laptops/tablets for ASCOM, therefore I prefer to use Windows tablets for ExploreStars.  I don't use my Windows tablet solely for ExploreStars so I naturally desire compatibility of my tablets for all the data and software that I use on my desktops, laptops and tablets.  It is a matter of consolidating all my computers for more effective communication between those devices.  

One of the things that drew me to this product a couple of years ago was the diversity of the product's future.  My comment was due to disappointment in seeing that diversity waning recently which has been pointed out in this thread.

As far as your recommendation of ASIAir...  again, I was not commenting on the stagnation of Windows development as related to imaging.  It was about observing using Windows tablets using a program I enjoy, ExploreStars.  Also, why on Earth would I now want to start getting involved in such a closed system such as this ZWO-only closed system?  I was drawn to the PMC-8 system because it was an open system available on all operating systems.  As far as ASIAir...   I would rather support Stellarmate for all the points mentioned already.

Unfortunately, this thread is turning me off all the more in sticking with and supporting the PMC-8 system publicly as I have been actively doing for two years.  I believe I am done with this thread now.

To Jerry, thanks for the honest feedback and info.


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