Re: PMC-8 & ASCOM / 1 program at a time #iEXOS-100 #EXOS2

Leigh Caldwell

Robert's answer earlier in the thread is the one to read. Instead of connecting all your programs direct to the mount, you just connect the Hub to the mount. Then all your other programs connect to the Hub.

The Hub in ASCOM has been renamed from POTH (Plain-Old-Telescope-Hub) to "ASCOM Device Hub", so if you find forum posts or blog articles from before 2020, they will probably refer to POTH. Just replace with 'Device Hub' and you will be fine.

Once you have run the ASCOM Device Hub and connected it to the mount, you can then start your other programs. in PHD2 and NINA, when you select which mount you want to connect to, you choose 'Device Hub Telescope' (or something similar - it might be slightly different for each program but hopefully it will be clear which one it is).

The Device Hub can have as many programs connected as you want, and it will pass on the messages to the mount - so that the mount doesn't get confused getting multiple signals from different programs.

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