Re: Installed ascom drivers, explorestars dont work anymore #ExploreStars #ASCOM

brian skinner

-- Hi Wes, as we say over here the plot thickens. First the app/database problem. I understand the need to load the database onto the SD card. I am afraid after several reload attempts from Playstore, the latest app is still not opening the database- I'm getting the (standard?) sqlite flash message indicating the problem. Database path is storage/sdcard/explorestars/image.... two things have sprung to mind, first the latest app settings page indicates  database path as storage/3752-3562/explorestars/.... ie not sdcard. I don't whether that is relevant? Also I haven't used an sdcard USB connector, I don't have one and have had no problems in the past, I drag the unzipped database from my windows 10 pc over to my tablet via the standard tablet USB Cable. Could this be an issue this time round? The database appears complete at around 80megs and the image directories all open correctly...
Secondly, I'm now experiencing mechanical issues with my mount! First off, if I submit an RA/DEC coordinate from the App coordinate page the mount slews correctly, however when I input a second set of coordinates the mount doesn't (re)slew and in fact doesn't park either, it just hangs......
Any advise is, as always, very welcome. Kind regards, Brian

Brian Skinner
Canon 1300d dslr
Various lenses
ES Polar scope
Sequator image stacker
PIXR image editor

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