Re: Installed ascom drivers, explorestars dont work anymore #ExploreStars #ASCOM

Tyler Bowman - Explore Scientific Customer Service

Hey Brian, let's make sure we are doing this correctly ill provide a document. 

Follow the steps exactly:

1) From this page -- -- download the Android database onto a Windows machine.

2) Go to where it downloaded, probably the download folder, where you'll find ExploreStars in a zipped file.

3) Click on it ONCE.

4) At the top should see, in pink, Compressed Folder Tools. Click on that -- NOT on Extract.

5) A bit below that, on the right, you'll now see Extract All. Double click it.

6) I suggest you click the browse button so can make the machine download it onto your desktop. Once the location is chosen, click selection.

7) Then click Extract.

The extraction process will start.


Now that it is downloaded:

1) Find the ExploreStars folder on your desktop.

2) Double click it to open it. Inside should be 2 files – the Images folder and the file ExploreStars.sqlite.


If you have not already done so, insert your micro-SD card into the computer slot.

1) Open the micro-SD card. Delete ALL ExloreStars folders that may reside there.

2) Close the micro-SD card.

3) Click and hold on the ExploreStars folder AND DRAG it onto the micro-SD card.

4) Open the micro-SD card to verify the folder is on the FIRST LEVEL of the card.

5) If it is not, Get on the FIRST LEVEL.

6) Eject the card.


On the tablet:

1) If it is running, close the ExploreStars app.

2) Insert the micro-SD card.

3) Turn off the tablet.

4) Turn on the tablet.

5) Launch ExploreStars.


That process should get you up and running.


Now, some devices require you to give permission to let the app access the database. That is different on different operating systems. If that's the case, I need to know exactly what operating system you are running. You can probably Google it and find it yourself.


The most common mistaken I've seen in this process happens in Step No. 4 in the first paragraph: 4) At the top should see, in pink, Compressed Folder Tools. Click on that -- NOT on Extract. The mistake is clicking on Extract under the pink box. Click on the pink box to access the correct Extract All button.


I hope my directions make sense. I typed them as I went through the process on my computer.




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