DEC axis not moving in certain position. Belt slipping. #EXOS2

Peter Danek

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Thank you ES Germany for solving my RMA claim. I have received a new PMC 8 unit and it is working as expected. But, I never had such bad luck as I have now.

Because I can now control the mount I found a big problem with the DEC. When slewing and the worm/motor is near the locking clutch, the DEC stops to move and the belt is slipping. I noticed that when the worm/motor is near the clutch, and I lock/unlock DEC, the big wheel of the worm is moving. It is also impossible to move the wheel of the worm near the locking clutch when DEC is locked. However, I can move it if it is the opposite of the locking clutch.

It seems like when I lock the DEC the inside parts move. 

I can make a video of the problem if it is not clear to understand.

Is it something I can adjust or I'm looking at another RMA process? :(
Mounts: ES EXOS-2 PMC-Eight, SW AZ GOTO
Scopes: SW 200P, SW 130P
Cameras:  Canon T3i, Canon XS, SV305 Pro - IMX290

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