Saddle to mount alignment EXOS 2 #EXOS2 #alignment



Just out of curiosity, I have noticed recently that my mount when in the home position seems out, both RA & DEC arrows are aligned but my scope is pointing off to the right by a couple of degrees.
Also, the weight bar is not centred along the front leg.

This means that when I PA and have Polaris centred with my Polemaster its not centred in the scope

I took the scope out of the saddle and placed a long piece of wood in the saddle and locked it in place and sure enough when in the home position the piece of wood is pointing off to the right.

Is this normal? if not what might be the solution?

I can recenter using the Alt/Az screws but this means that one screw is almost all the way in and the other is hanging on by a thread

I conclude this cannot be right.

Any help would be most welcome.
Thank you


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