Re: Astrophotography Done with the iEXOS-100, EXOS 2, and G11 Post your Pictures and Details! Lets Show What These Mounts Can Do. #iEXOS-100 #G11 #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Jaimie Murdock

It's galaxy season, so here are two pictures shot from my backyard in the middle of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (Bortle 7-8). Details on imaging setup in my signature.

Really thrilled with the mount so far and have been learning a ton. In addition to the open hardware and documentation, the encouragement and engagement on this forum was a deciding factor in my purchase. 

I'm new to astronomy and astrophotography, having picked up the hobbies in May and at Christmas respectively.

First, a crop of the Leo Triplet from March 5. 60x2-min lights, 20 darks, no flats.

Here's a wide-field in Virgo, framing M58, M59, M60, M89, and M90, along with several other galaxies. I'm a huge fan of the interacting galaxies in the upper right - NGC4567 & NGC4568. 90x2-min lights, 20 darks, 25 flats.

Now that the nights are warming up and I've learned the ropes, it's time to get this setup in the car and enjoy the Bortle 2-3 dark skies from our public lands. Can't wait!

Mount: ES PMC-8 iEXOS-100
Scope: William Optics ZenithStar 61II w/ UniGuide 32mm
Cameras: Canon EOS 1100D (Rebel T3), QHY-5-III-462C
Software: KStars on Astroberry, DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop

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