Amazon Fire OS issues with Goto DB

Jake Carroll

Has anyone been able to get a Fire OS tablet to work successfully? I keep getting the error shown attached when launching the app. I have installed the files to the external microsd card, verified permissions, etc. I have also tried installing the app from the Amazon store and installing via the direct link for android version. Nothing I have tried works.
This is on a brand new Amazon Fire 8HD plus running the latest Fire OS. I installed the files onto the external microSD card using a macbook pro running Windows 10 via bootcamp. I don’t see a way to rearrange the sequence of the files on the root folder of the SD card, no matter what order I add them in the Images folder appears first, sql file second. That may just be my list view is alphabetical of course. But I have tried copying them in order and that didn’t make a difference.
Appreciate any help or guidance so I can start using my mount.

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