Re: Amazon Fire OS issues with Goto DB

Tyler Bowman - Explore Scientific Customer Service

It looks like the database isnt being loaded in the picture files.

here is a step by step guide that should help. 

Installation: (to install updates, start with step 5)


  1. Download the Database and Images: 90 MB (DB 2.3[85643])
  2. Unzip and install the files to your MicroSD card. The resulting file structure should look like this:
  3. Install the MicroSD card in your Android tablet
  4. Under Settings/APPS/ExploreStars grant Permissions for External Storage and Location.
  5. Using a web browser on your Android, navigate to this webpage and download the APK file: 16 MB (8/5/2019 v.1.3.19217.453 DB 2.3[85643]
  6. Once the file is downloaded, open the file/install the App
  7. The first time you run the App, you will need to initialize the settings:
    1. Open the Settings screen from the Menu
    2. Tap Load GPS Coordinates
    3. To make sure that the correct Mount info is loaded, select a Scope Type DIFFERENT from your actual mount
    4. Tap the Home button to load the settings.
    5. Return to the Settings screen, select the correct Scope Type from the list, and tap the Home button again to save the settings.
    6. Close the App
  8. Connect to the PMC-Eight network and restart ExploreStars



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