Re: Amazon Fire OS issues with Goto DB

Jake Carroll

I have tried following the step-by-step instructions for Android, with no luck. Including the step of going to the download link and installing the android app after installing the files on the external card (including granting it permissions before launching)

My fire hd 8 plus tablet is running Fire OS

On Apr 12, 2021, at 1:38 PM, Harry via <flykai1@...> wrote:

Hi Jake, Yes, I was able to use my Fire HD tablet very successfully with ExploreStars. It is a little finicky to set up, but when completed, worked well. I also am a Mac User. I also loaded ExploreStars on my iPad, and this works even better, as the entire database/files all load together from the App Store. However, I have since converted my mount using a serial connection, and no longer use ExploreStars or the Fire Tablet. I see Tyler has sent you some great info to get you going.

Regards, Harry
Vero Beach, FL

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