Re: Release of 20A01 minor revision for Indi Users (All can load) #FIRMWARE

Steve Siedentop

Hi Paul -

INDI is a Linux/MacOS client server framework similar in purpose to ASCOM.  StellarMate, ASIAir, AstroBerry, etc. all run flavors of INDI.

There’s a fork called INDIGO that is backward compatible with INDI drivers and handles large file transfers better than INDI.  Cloudmakers has a number of MacOS apps that are well done.


On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 2:12 AM Paul Meesters <p.h.meesters@...> wrote:
Can someone please explain what INDI drivers and INDI users are ?
I take it that it has nothing to do with being from India, but the meaning eludes me, so I have no idea if I need to update the firmware or not.

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